how do you compare?

I'm back, my lovely friends, from the trenches of grad school, I. AM. BACK! Well I could've been back whenever but I was pouring my attention into other things this past spring and had to prioritize. But nonetheless, God was still teaching me things and still being His good ole steadfast, faithful self. Ah, His …

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uproot yo-self

I have a confession to make:   I LOVE RUNNING! (I promise this post isn't all about running) Okay, probably most of you that know me know that already. Most people I talk to would disagree with me when I say something along the lines of how refreshing I think a 6 mile run is....and …

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all the single ladies. (and those who are dating)

Don't we just love social media? Feeling connected. Sharing stories. Sharing adventures. Liking beautiful pictures. Staying in touch with old friends. BUT...lately, the comparison game has been KILLING ME! And comparison is winning. I begin to get in this cycle of scrolling and scrolling, wasting precious time of comparing myself. To beautiful people...why can't I …

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